Programming has always been one of my passions. I first got in touch with coding during my last school years in the early 80's doing small games and utilities written in Basic either on the Commodore CBM at school or on my Sinclair ZX 81 at home. During my academy days I had the pleasure to toy around with Intel 8085 / 86 assembler, BS2000 mainframe Cobol as well as BS2000 Assembler and Turbo Pascal on a DOS PC.

At my first assignment I got in touch with Xerox Star Systems. The GlobalView desktop running on these machines is mostly written in Mesa. More interesting however was the Xerox Interlisp environment available for this hardware. Lisp is by the way is one of the oldest high level programming languages and often used in AI-systems.

The Unix workstation boom in the late 80's brought me to SUN computers. This is were I started to code in C and C++. My first programs on these machines were based on the sunview graphic libs, however since this environment was dropped by SUN I switched to X11 (release 3 if I remember correctly).

Working on SUNs, it seems quite natural that I was curious about Java when it first came out. Daily work in unix environments almost automatically brings you script programming. In my case usually C-shell or Bourne-shell scripts on the low end resp. Tcl/Tk or Perl on the high end.

Not to forget my Psion organizer - shipped with a built in OPL interpreter - a reliable companion and fun to use.

Below are links to some of my hacks that I thought you might find useful/interesting.
Have fun

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