Psider Version 1.3

Psider is a double-deck solitaire for Psion Series 3 type machines. Unlike most solitaires, it provides opportunities to overcome bad luck in the deal. The program features an unlimited undo facility offers move suggestions and can save challenging games to disk. The semi-automatic mode is ideal for palmtops, as it enables you to play using single keystrokes. Because Psider uses the entire screen it also shows you the current date/time and link/battery status.

Psider screenshot 1

Psider screenshot 2

Psider is written in OPL, the built in interpreter language on the psions. I used some of the tricks mentioned in the psionic files. One is to misuse the icon bitmap to store the card face images instead of using separate files - the drawcard and multibitmap programs are used for this purpose.

[.saved games.]