A small C program to display the current Sun Cluster state on a terminal in grid layout to get a quick overview. Should work on all Sun Cluster 3.x Versions. Compile with SunStudio or GNU C compiler. Precompiled Solaris 10 binaries are available below. Current version is @(#)schastat.c 20090209

Sample output

mycluster  mynode1  mynode1  mynode2  mynode2  mynode3
                      zone1             zone2
10:45:02    [1.03]                              [DOWN]
rgroup1         -                 ok 
rgroup2        ok                  -
rgroup3         -         -        -        -        -
rgroup4                 7/8                 -
rgroup5                   -            #1 7/8

[.download src.]
[.download sparc binary.]
[.download x86 binary.]